The Golden Wood: Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit graphics


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Individual characters

aragorn aragorn aragorn aragorn arwen arwen arwen bilbo bilbo boromir boromir celeborn celeborn elrond elrond elrond eomer eomer eomer eowyn eowyn erestor faramir faramir frodo frodo frodo galadriel galadriel galadriel gandalf gandalf gandalf gimli gimli glorfindel gollum smeagol golradir haldir haldir haldir legolas legolas legolas merry merry nazgul orophin pippin pippin pippin rumil saelbeth sam sam saruman shadowfax theoden


aragorn and arwen aragorn and arwen aragorn and eowyn aragorn and legolas aragorn and legolas arwen and elrond celeborn and galadriel eowyn and faramir eowyn and faramir frodo and sam frodo and sam frodo and sam frodo and sam gimli and legolas merry and pippin merry and pippin rosie and sam
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