The Golden Wood: Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit graphics


30 November 2013
One new Lindir / Figwit wallpaper.

3 September 2013
Two new wallpapers: Elrond and Elrond & Gandalf.

Also, The Golden Wood is currently the featured site over at the wonderful Fair of Face - many thanks to Nahid.

21 July 2013
Two new Aragorn & Legolas wallpapers. Wallpaper making has been a little slower this month, largely because I've been working on a new layout over at my Elrond site, Shadows of Twilight </shameless self-promotion>.

Also, welcome to a new affiliate: Telturwen @ The Elfstone, a fansite dedicated to Tolkien's Middle-earth, featuring information from the books and movies, graphics, games and more. This site is now also part of Telturwen's Fellowship of the Web ring, uniting LotR fansites that are still active on the web.

30 June 2013
Five new wallpapers: one Elrond, one Lindir, two Legolas & Thranduil and one Thrór, Thráin & Thorin. All winamp skins have also been re-uploaded in zip files, and hopefully should now download correctly - thanks to Lily for pointing out that the old links were no longer working.

15 June 2013
Three new wallpapers: one Bilbo, one Elrond and one Thranduil.

13 May 2013
Three new wallpapers: two Thorin's Company (Dwarves) and one Erebor.

14 April 2013
Three new wallpapers: two Frodo & Galadriel and one Thranduil.

16 March 2013
Two new Frodo & Sam wallpapers.

16 February 2013
Three new wallpapers: one Thorin, one Elrond and one Bilbo & Gollum.

3 February 2013
Five new wallpapers: three Galadriel and two Thorin, Fili & Kili. Because the 1280x800 and 1440x900 wallpapers are the same proportion, and the 1366x768 resolution seems to be relatively common, for these wallpapers I've added a 1366x768 version instead of the 1440x900. I'm limiting the number of versions to avoid eating up webspace too quickly, but I'll keep an eye on the visitor stats to see which are the most popular.

18 January 2013
Five new wallpapers: one Balin, one Bofur, one Fili, and two Thorin. Also, welcome to two new affiliates: Lord of the Rings Fans and Merin Essi ar Quenteli!.

8 January 2013
I promised a refresh of the site so here it is: new layout, and a few tweaks and adjustments to update information and links and to reflect that new wallpapers will be available in a choice of sizes - I've now added 1440x900 in addition to those in the last update. Also a few more wallpapers: one Aragorn & Legolas, one Fili & Kili, and two White Council.

21 December 2012
So it's been four and a half years, but the release of The Hobbit has finally inspired me to make some new wallpapers. Assuming the inspiration continues there will be some work to do to refresh and clean up this site and integrate the new walls properly, but for now here they are: Bilbo, Thorin and Kili. All are offered in three sizes: 1280x1024, 1024x768 and 1280x800.

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