The Golden Wood: Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit graphics


Wallpapers are created using Photoshop 7, with earlier graphics using Paint Shop Pro 7 and 8. Metallic text effects use SuperBlade Pro. Desktop icons were created with IconArt. Site coded using AceHTML webeditor.

Images and graphics resources
Links to sites where I have found images, and brushes and textures that I have used, can be found on my collective site, Well of Stars, under 'credits'.

Scripts etc
Switch menu from Dynamic Drive.

Tag from

Tag-board smilies have been gathered from a variety of sources, and recoloured to match the skins. Thanks especially to Morri for the shifty smiley; to these smiley creators: Mazeguy and HPrince, and this smilie collection: Emote!

Webspace is kindly provided by Thank you so much, Isi!


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