The Golden Wood: Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit graphics


These are gifts which I have received from friends - thank you to all of them! Click thumbnails for full-size versions.

To celebrate 100,000 hits (2 June 2006)

From Isi

For the Golden Wood's second birthday (24 December 2005)

From Morgan

a beautiful wallpaper from Kristyna

From Isi

To celebrate 50,000 hits (9 June 2005):

From Isi

From Morgan

For The Golden Wood's first birthday (24 December 2004):

This wonderful gift is also from Isi - the keys to the Golden Wood :)

Other site-related gifts:

a cute Haldir icon from Eve.

this wonderful Haldir doll was a welcome back gift from Alatariel.

a sweet welcome back from Cassie.

Thank you Pennsuleien!


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