The Golden Wood: Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit graphics


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Version 1
Version 1
'The Golden Wood': my first 'proper' layout (before that it was just title, headings and thumbnails). This layout features a matte painting of Lothlorien by Dusso for 'The Fellowship of the Ring' movie.

Version 2
Version 2
19/8/04 'Haldir: you cannot go back': in this layout I switched over to using an iframe. It features Haldir, guardian of the Golden Wood (with one of my favourite images ;) ). At 1024x768 resolution (as shown in the image) you can see that the Dusso painting makes another appearance.

Version 2.1
Version 3
30/12/04 'Haldir and the Fellowship': a slight change of background image for this version, but the major change was the use of a second iframe to improve the navigation, and a layout that allows the position and size of the iframes etc to adjust to fit the browser window.

Version 3
splash page skin 1 skin 2 skin 3
8/5/05 I kept the same basic look, but converted the site to php, which made a choice of skins possible. Added a splash page as a gateway to the choice of layouts - the splash image uses the wonderful Lothlorien keys created as a gift by Isithradë. Brushes used are by Annika von Holdt

skin 4
Skin added 30/5/05 "The Magic of Galadriel". A beautiful thank you gift created by Tindomerel of Reverie.

Version 4
skin 1 skin 2 skin 3 skin 4
skin 5
12/11/05 Switched to a table based layout and changed the navigation so that far more pages were accessible from the top level menus. This was helped by adopting a script which enabled sections of the menu to expand or contract when clicked.


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